Treat or Treat FAQ

We hope these answers to our guests' most frequently asked questions will help you prepare for, and more importantly enjoy, your Treat or Treat experience at Florida Tech!

Where do I go if I have questions the day of the event?

You can always go to the check-in table or stop by the Denius Student Union Building on the first floor for lost and found and “guest” services.

Is Treat or Treat fun?

Yes! Treat or Treat is designed to be a fun and friendly Halloween experience. Join us for all of the excitement of the spooky season!

Is the event kid-friendly?

Treat or Treat is completely kid-friendly! In fact, the event is meant for everyone. Our themed "haunted house" experiences cater to all ages, with some designed for young children and others meant for teens and adults. Other activities, such as lawn games, live performances, and inflatables, also allow for an all-encompassing Halloween festival experience.

Is the event wheelchair accessible?

The event itself is wheelchair accessible. This includes the event's performance area, community garden, club and organization displays, lawn games, bathrooms, and designated eatery. Not all of our five haunted houses are wheelchair accessible. Only the houses in Campbell Hall, Shaw Hall, and Evans Hall are wheelchair accessible. 

Where should I park?

The main designated parking is available directly across the street (Country Club Rd) from the event. Parking is free but limited so be sure to arrive early. We also advise carpooling to reduce the amount of parking needed. Please use Country Club Road's sidewalks and crosswalks when walking to the main entrance of Treat or Treat. For a map of all available parking, please refer to the Map section of this website.

Where are the restrooms?

Bathrooms are located in two areas of the event. One bathroom is located in the Student Union Building near the front entrance of the event and the other is in the Rathskeller, which located on the first floor of Evans Hall. Both are wheelchair accessible. Signage will be clearly displayed for bathrooms during Treat or Treat.

Is there a place where I can sit down and cool off in some A.C.?

Sitting areas that are air-conditioned can be found both in the Student Union Building food court on the first floor of the Denius Student Union Building. 

How long are the wait times to enter each haunted house?

Wait times vary depending on the time of day, popularity of themes and ages of our guests. You could wait 10 minutes; you could wait 30 minutes. Most guests are able to visit multiple houses multiple times throughout the event. You must have a pass to enter the house - you can use the link on the website to sign up prior to the event or the day of the event. 

Can you come dressed up in costumes?

Definitely! We encourage you and your family to come dressed up. However, there are some limitations. Please do not come with any fake weaponry, such as toy guns or swords. These items will not be allowed into the event. Additionally, you may be denied entry if your costume is not family-friendly.

Will there be food besides candy to eat?

Our free event includes candy, but if you would like to purchase food you may enter the Denius Student Union Building food court where we have Firehouse Subs and Cosmic Creamery. Food will be available for purchase from these vendors. 

Is the event really free?

Yes, there is no fee to get into and enjoy Treat or Treat! All activities directly associated with the event once inside are free as well. Haunted houses, pumpkin patch, inflatables, etc. All free!

Where do I go for assistance if I need something during the event?

Both Residence Life staff members and members of Florida Tech Greek Life will be continuously walking around the event making sure everyone is okay and happy. Each one of them will be wearing a neon vest and a helpful attitude. Visit the check-in table at the event's front entrance or stop by the Denius Student Union Building on the first floor for lost and found and “guest” services, including first aid. Please refer to the official event map for exact locations.

How do I throw out my trash at the event?

Treat or Treat is committed to being as environmentally friendly as possible. We encourage all of our guests to bring their own reusable water bottles and bags. Waste and recycling receptacles are placed throughout the event area for your convenience. 

Where should I go to ask more questions?

To get a question answered that you can't find on this list, please message our Facebook page.