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Time to Get Excited About STEM... and Your Future!

Florida Tech's STEMPower Day is a free, annual celebration of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics designed for K-12 students and their parents. This event offers a unique opportunity for students to visit Florida Tech’s Main Campus, where they will experience hands-on science stations with university students, faculty, and industry partners. In addition, there will be interactive sessions taught by real university faculty in classrooms. Industry partners will be featured volunteers at the hands-on STEM stations, assisting K-12 students with the curriculum provided by Florida Tech student groups and Florida Tech’s CAMID.

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STEMPower Day features 20+ amazing and interactive  sessions taught by world experts on a wide array of topics such as space, aviation, engineering, psychology, cybersecurity, biology, earth science, and innovation. The schedule will be available soon.

Participants get the unique opportunity to meet Florida Tech's stellar faculty, get a taste of the college experience, and experience the excitement of STEM.

STEMPower Day is open to students from public, private, and homeschools. Everyone attending the event must register. 

Any inquires or questions should be directed to Jared Campbell, STEM outreach manager, at


STEMpower Day is happening at Florida Tech Main Campus.



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