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Time to Get Excited About STEM... and Your Future!

Florida Tech's STEMPower Day is a free, annual celebration of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics designed for high school students and their parents, guardians, teachers, or guidance counselors. You visit Florida Tech's Center for Advanced Manufacturing & Innovative Design (CAMID), attend three interactive sessions taught by real university faculty, and then enjoy an unforgettable grand finale!

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STEMPower Day features 20+ amazing and interactive  sessions taught by world experts on a wide array of topics such as space, aviation, engineering, psychology, cybersecurity, biology, earth science, and innovation:

  • King of the Packet: Cyber-attacking Remote-controlled Cars
  • Barnacles, Sharks, and Undersea Robots: Exploring Ocean STEM at Florida Tech
  • STEM Adventures in Human Factors
  • From Cockroaches to Monkeys: Inside the Minds of Animals
  • The James Webb Space Telescope:  A Tour de Force of Space Science
  • The Technical Artistry of Civil(ization) Engineering
  • Spherification: "Smart" Materials in Biology
  • Panther Robotics: Florida Tech's Student-Led Robotics Organization
  • Mechanical Engineering: The Mechanics of Solids, Fluids and Heat
  • SHARKS! Research, Conservation, and Why You Should Care
  • Soaring to New Heights: Exploring Emerging Aviation Concepts
  • STEM’B – Why Business Skills Are Important in STEM Careers
  • Geochemical Nutrient Cycling in the Indian River Lagoon
  • Marine Robotic Projects at Florida Tech
  • Cryogenic Creamery: The Chemistry of Ice Cream
  • Modern Flight Training: How to Become A Certified Pilot Through Training and Simulation
  • Digital Design: Jet Dragster Edition
  • Influencer Inspiration: From the Driver's Seat 
  • Jet Propulsion with the Jet Man
  • Holoworld: Welcome to the Holosphere

Participants get the unique opportunity to meet Florida Tech's stellar faculty, get a taste of the college experience, and experience the excitement of STEM. Plus, our grande finale is guaranteed to fire you up!

STEMPower Day is open to students from public and private high schools in Brevard County. Everyone attending the event must register.  Each student who registers will get to choose three specific sessions to attend. Students who pre-register as soon as possible will be able to attend their preferred sessions. Don’t delay, each session will have 10 seats.

Any inquires or questions should be directed to Jared Campbell, STEM outreach manager, at


A map view of CAMID's locationSTEMpower Day is happening at Florida Tech's Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Innovative Design (CAMID), located at . If you are  traveling east on Palm Bay Road, take the last left before you reach Conlan Blvd. If traveling west, take the first right after Conlan Blvd.



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