GenCyber Camp

The GenCyber Camp at Florida Tech will inspire the next generation of cybersecurity professionals in Florida and beyond by providing over 60 hours of cybersecurity instruction, activities, and exciting challenges to 40 students entering grades 9-12. The experience will provide student leaders unique challenges, training modules, and educational videos to explore exciting cybersecurity competitions and build their cybersecurity awareness. This opportunity will create awareness of career opportunities and establish a year-round engagement model by providing access to a communications platform and a capture-the-flag server. All students will leave the experience with a greater understanding of cybersecurity issues, the ability to research exciting problems, and the understanding of ethical issues in cybersecurity. 

Who is the Camp For

The GenCyber Program is open to 40 enrolled high school students (9-12) in Brevard County, Florida. The expenses are covered by genereous grant from the National Security Agency GenCyber program. 

Program Overview

The GenCyber camp at Florida Tech will consist of over 60 hours of pre, post, and in-person activities. activities. The in-person summer camp will support students with sessions on ethics, career awareness, and cybersecurity by connecting them to the topics of forensics, cryptography, web vulnerabilities, reverse engineering, and vulnerability research. These traditional five CTF categories present the best opportunity to connect students to careers in Brevard County and introduce the fundamental building blocks of cybersecurity education. We connect our modules and approach to reinforce the critical gen cyber concepts through lectures, challenges, and activities.